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Merits And Demerits Of Nationalization

Merits And Demerits Of Nationalization


Nationalization refers to the taking over of certain industries or companies by the state. Nationalization is often prevalent in developing countries and can occur for a variety of reasons. Most often, governments turn to nationalization as a method to increase their power and resources.

Is nationalization good or bad for an economy? To find an answer to this question, let us examine the merits and demerits of nationalization.

Nationalized industries benefit from economies of scale and therefore would be in a position to provide goods and services to consumers at lower prices.

Furthermore, a monopoly owned and run by the government will take decisions in the best interest of consumers and will prevent consumers from being exploited. In a case where a monopoly is under private ownership, then the owners will run the monopoly with the sole aim of maximizing profits; therefore, there is a possibility for consumers to be exploited as a result of arbitrary price increases. This situation will be avoided if the monopoly is brought under the government.

Through nationalization of important industries, the government will be able to exert control over these industries. For example, nationalization of electricity provision will benefit the citizens of the country as the government will ensure that this facility is made available to all parts of the country, even in areas where it is unprofitable to do so. A private electricity company, however, may not provide electricity to areas where it deems unprofitable.

With industries that require centralized planning and control, nationalization is the best option; for example, the establishment of a national rail network. In such cases, nationalization will lead to a more organized and coordinated service.

Companies run by the government take social costs (e.g. pollution) into consideration. Nationalized industries would take steps to minimize or eliminate such social costs, whereas private companies would not be inclined to do the same. 

The profits made by nationalized industries will go back to the people.

The biggest drawback of nationalization is low performance and lack of efficiency of government run industries. Since these industries or companies do not operate under a profit motive, this means that they have no incentives to decrease their costs and improve their performance. For example, if fire fighting was exclusively a national industry then governments may run their fire departments inefficiently and not provide them with proper fire fighting equipment in Melbourne, thus leading to poor performance.

Furthermore, if the nationalized industry or company is a monopoly, they will have no competition and this will further demotivate them from taking steps to increase their efficiency and performance. Feel free to go over at this site  to know more about fire safety and maintenance. 

When industries are owned by the government, this creates room for corruption in how these industries are run. Example: favouritism in hiring practices.


Painting New Lines At The Nearby Playground

Painting New Lines At The Nearby Playground


The playground is somewhere that young children spend a lot of their time and that means that they need to have some exciting games and other borders to help them know where the limits are. This can mean painting the borders for childhood games on the cement and even in the nearby grass or even for track lines for physical education classes. These are all requirements for the schools or nearby playgrounds to ensure that the children know what they can do and where they should stay. These can be painted simply and quickly with the required machinery, so make sure to go ahead and check it out.

Painting the Borders for Child Based Games

There are plenty of sports court line marking services that can also be used for playgrounds for the children to play with, including for various games like obstacle courses, skipping games, 4 corners and even games that require them to toss items. These borders can be painted onto the cement or even wood to ensure that the children have a specified place to play these games that won’t cause any accidents or injuries to others nearby. You can also paint borders that will allow the children to wait patiently and join up with the rest of their classmates or even for time out locations.

Painting Borders for the Track and Other Playing Fields

When the kids are playing outside, sometimes it is necessary to have small fields that are nearby that can have the sports court line marking. This would include fields for kickball, track and other activities that are generally played during recess or other free times during the school day. Also, these track borders can be painted to be used during their physical education classes or for track meets and they can be simply painted by the professionals who know exactly what needs to be done. Having these borders painted can allow the children to make their own choices regarding their activities without having to ask for help from the adults. Outline Marking Solutions provides line marking solutions and services. 

Make sure that the schools and playgrounds have these borders to ensure that the children know the safety zones and where they should and shouldn’t go. This will help avoid any injuries and will allow them to play freely without having to worry about anything and allow the teachers and parents to easily keep an eye out. Also, with these borders painted for fun filled games, then you will see the children playing these games on their own and without requiring any help from the adults nearby, so go ahead and get these borders painted!

Getting the Most out of Your New Patio Kit

Getting the Most out of Your New Patio Kit

There’s few things in life as enjoyable as relaxing outside on a nice day. It’s the dream of almost every Australian home owner who finds themselves walking around the perimeter of their home, imagining warm and sunny days spent with family, friends and a cool drink. Unfortunately Australian weather can quickly get a little too warm and sunny for comfort. Fortunately this doesn’t have to scare you in doors. A nice patio can transform your backyard into an oasis, shielded from the sun and heat.
Thanks to new advances in the field of do it yourself patio kits building your own patio is more affordable and easy than ever before. There are plenty of kits that you yourself can assemble. Of course that doesn’t mean you’re required to handle the work yourself, if you don’t feel confident you can always hire a team of experts. But if you’re like many handy Australians you enjoy having the option of doing it yourself and saving the labor costs.
Think about how much space you’ll need. There are a wide range of patio options available on the market and if you can’t find a design that fits your needs you can even pay extra for a custom built option. Before shopping you should think about just how much space you’d like your patio to cover and how much room you have. Australian yards come in all sorts of sizes and that’s why you can find patios that are as big or small as you could ever want these days. Consider whether or not you plan on hosting friends and family for get togethers. If so you should invest in a patio that can comfortably accommodate them.
Your new patio will open a world of new options when it comes to outdoor activities. Your colorbond patios in Perth will protect anything placed under it from most weather, so you can now invest in outdoor furniture. You might find that you love dining outside, that’s why many homeowners purchase a special outdoor table and chair set. Your new patio will also allow you to comfortably barbecue more often, so you can start thinking about buying that grill you’ve always wanted. While you’re shopping think about what you’d like to do differently and find a patio that will help you reach your goals.
When it comes to a patio there’s a whole world of choice out there. Styles, sizes, uses, the list is practically endless. Just make sure that you buy a patio that you can trust to weather the elements and that you can afford. You don’t want to break the bank buying a patio and at the same time you don’t want to buy a cheap option that falls apart on you. Invest in a patio made with the proper materials, like those that go into BlueScope steel buildings. Make sure to research the materials you are being offered and their track record with home owners like you. After all, you’re not just buying a patio, you’re making an investment in your home.