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Month: March 2017

Lowering Your Company Telephone Cost

Lowering Your Company Telephone Cost

Do you know that by opting for Private Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX you can lower the cost of your company telephone use? PABX is an interconnected telephone system among the users of an enterprise.

The PABX telephone systems is very essential to run a business because it allows the users to connect with each other on local lines and also it allows the users to connect the clients by certain outgoing numbers. And therefore, PABX is a type of PBX system that works automatically. That is why it is very essential to go for the PABX maintenance, so that the whole system could run smoothly.

Go For the Best PABX Maintenance Service

There are many such companies that provide the PABX maintenance service. However, the client should go for the proper one so that there would not be any problem during the course of operating the private exchange. Most of the reputed companies in Australia like the Excelcom in this sector provide full range of service that starts from the basic installation of the phone systems and goes up to after installation maintenance service. The best service provider always exceeds the expectation of the clients.

Many reliable and expert groups provide wide-ranging next generation voice services, like cloud managed private branch exchange service, SIP trunking, IP PBX system, call accounting, voicemail, and a lot more services. Let’s have a look on the type of services that are covered in the maintenance program. These are:

  • Contact done by a single point.
  • All day field support.
  • All type of supports done on remote basis as per requirement during the emergency situation.
  • Emergency support within maximum 4 hours of call log.
  • Service is done by expert certified technicians.
  • Customization of the telephonic service as per requirement of the client.

    Benefits of PABX

    These PABX phone systems have several benefits. It is really the time to convert your conventional commercial telephone system to PABX. If you are not that convinced yet, check out these points below to know the particular benefits you are due to get from this system installation.

    • Firstly, the system is cost effective. It requires almost no complex infrastructure to purchase and install the system and it is managed by third party vendors. It only requires internet connection to convey the telecommunication.
      • Secondly, the system helps you grow your business communication system in larger scales by adding more phone lines, extensions and also mobile devices.
        • Thirdly, as this system is managed by a third party source, there is no need to employ staffs for the management of this system. That also makes this system cause least maintenance expense.
          • Fourthly, the system connects every call with prompt response, maintains in call quality, avoids delays or drops.