What Book Should You Read Next

What Book Should You Read Next

Book lovers would wholeheartedly agree with me when I say that reading a book is like embarking on an adventure itself. That is because through different books one is able to travel to exotic locations. Furthermore they also able to meet an array of characters of varying personalities. Hence that is why I said reading a book is like embarking on an adventure. Moreover one is also able to expand their knowledge by reading. Therefore it is understandable why certain Individuals would have to read books regularly. But despite the number of books available discovering one that suits your personality proves to be a hard task. Furthermore, if you are like me then once you start a book you would be forced to read until the end. Therefore it is crucial to invest in worthwhile books. 

The no. 1 Ladies Detective Agency 

If you love a good mystery then this is the series for you. That is because it follows a private detective agency Hong Kong run by a woman. That woman is Precious Ramotswe. In a time where many books follow men solving crimes, this can be considered to be a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, this is not only one book, in reality, it is a series. This series, therefore, contains 18 books to its name and would surely help you to pass your time in a mind stimulating manner. 

Nancy Drew 

We all go through times when we feel nostalgic. During those times there is no better thing to do than to read a book that reminds you of your childhood. Nancy Drew is one such book because it has been a children’s classic for countless years. These series follows Nancy Drew who is an amateur private detective. Therefore each book follows how she solved various crimes with the help of her friends. 

Harry Potter 

Many of you would be surprised to see this book on the list. That is because you all believe that every individual in the world has by now experienced the great joy that is this series. However, unfortunately, that is not the case. There are still countless people who have not experienced the magic of Hogwarts and the magical community. Therefore if you fall into this category and if you are looking for a book to read then this should definitely be on your list. This book follows the adventures of a boy wizard and his friends while they are at a magical school called Hogwarts. 

Therefore now one would be able to easily find the next book that they should read.  

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