An Informative Article About Printers And Hp Pagewide E77660

An Informative Article About Printers And Hp Pagewide E77660

Science has made our life much easier than ever before with its innumerable discoveries. It is impossible to count every wonder of a science in one article as it will need series of books to discuss about science’s wonders. We can begin with the invention of electricity and then there are other series of inventions like communication, medical facilities, recreation, computer invention, etc.  Moreover, these innovations do not end here as they give rise to many more appliances by using the basic principles of science. One such wonder or discovery of science which has proved to be quite beneficial for human beings is printer. In this article, we are going to highlight printer and one of its types known as HP pagewide e77660.


Even though it is assumed that the concept of printers came in to being around nineteen hundred’s but that is not the case as the history of printer or printing press goes long before that.  According to the artifacts found, it seems that people of ancient times also used to print but with different ways and one of their ways was stamping or sealing on a clay. However, the concept of modern printers originated from the dry printing press called electro photography which used to be known as Xerox. Then eventually laser printer or high speed printer was introduced.

Now that we know a brief history about invention of printer, let us ponder over the exact definition of printer or printing machine.  A printer can be defined as a device that accepts the material like text and graphic output from computer and then transfers the information to paper which we put inside the machine. Printers are quite useful as they not only print the written material but also does the color photo printing, scanning, feature faxing, etc.  Various new types of printers have been introduced in the market. One such type is known as HP pagewide e77660.

HP pagewide e77660:

HP pagewide e77660 is the type of printer produced by American multi-national IT Company known as HP or Hewlett-Packard. It produces premium professional quality documents at a very low cost. Its printing speed is about 80ppm and has a resolution of about 2400 into 1200dpi. Besides printing, this printer can copy, scan and fax as well. It is a laser printer with memory storage of 3.5 GB.


Science has introduced us with many wonders which have made our life much easier than ever before. We can count electricity, communication, recreation, computer, printer among these wonders. Even though the history of printing goes back to ancient times but the modernized laser printer was invented around 1950’s. Printer is a device that takes graphic and written output of computer and transfers it on a paper. Many latest versions of printers have been introduced in the market and one such version is HP pagewide e77660 printer. A” csg company code blue” provides its IT services including different types of printers all across the New Zealand.

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