The Countries That Recycle The Most

The Countries That Recycle The Most

Recycling is important not only to keep the country clean, it also gives the benefit of reusing something therefore using less resources. Many years ago, people didn’t think about recycling. Waste was always waste. Waste had to be put somewhere so they had to find space to put it or burn it, which was bad for the environment. Today most of the waste can be recycled and reused. This is an advantage for us. Now there is less pollution from waste a disposing of waste has also become easier. The garbage collector arrives often enough to collect your waste. Here’s a list of countries that recycle the most. 


Germany is known as one of the top recyclers in the world. All residents have been educated of the method of disposing waste in Northern Suburbs which has become easy for the government to recycle. A large percentage of municipal water and garbage are recycled allowing for less wastage of resources and a greener policy. For large waste, bin hire is available. It is a massive achievement as Germany holds a population of 82.6 million. Germany is considered to be a great power and has the fourth largest economy by nominal GDP. Further Germany is a highly developed country and the third largest exporter and importer of goods. Similarly, Germany has been home to many philosophers, scientists, inventors, sportsman and engineers.

South Korea

South Korea is the second highest recycler in the world after Germany. South Koreas has a high rate of recycling due to the efficiency and regulations that govern recycling. The system they use is similar to Germany where the more waste is produced, the more the waste producers pay, thereby limiting the overall waste produced in the country. This not only makes things easier, it is also a good source of income for the country as well. Skip bins East Adelaide are commonly used all over. Further South Korea invests 2% of its GDP to Green Growth program set out by them. South Korea has a population of 51.2 million and has a highly skilled and educated workforce, further they are technologically advanced and highly developed nation.

Slovenia and Austria

Slovenia and Austria come in a tie as they both have successful recycle programs. The fastest improvements in waste programs has been implemented in Slovenia, which is even faster than Germany and South Korea. This is mainly due to the zero-waste initiative. On the other hand, Austria has surpassed EU’s goal of increasing recycling by 50% by 2020. It is also law to recycle plastic and up to 80% of glass is recycled and reused.

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